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Monday, August 19, 2013

Manicures, Foundation, and Blush! Oh my!

OK, I've gotta start off by posting this manicure I just finished:
How cute is this? I'm calling it my Blue Skies Mani. 
The accent nail is Sephora by O.P.I Trend Tips - Birds
The nail polish is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Barracuda

Now, on to the meat of the post. 
For this review, I created a video in which I discovered I'm rather awkward and long-winded in front of a camera. I will get better at these...
This is the Review And Application For Blog - Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation:

And after the video I decided I just couldn't walk around with a half-finished face. 
Add a swipe of gloss, a sweep of blush, and a bit of mascara, and voila: Finished Face. 

Thanks for viewing!


  1. That gives a very nice even finish, Sasha.

    Looks very pretty and it's a good tone for you and not pink or yellow looking at all.

    It is obvious you take lots of care with your appearance and it is paying off.

    I like the accent nail so much I'd probably wear one on each finger.

  2. Thank you, Cardi!
    You should have seen the happy little dance I did when I saw I had a comment!

    The finish is really nice and lightweight; I can't stand feeling like I've got a mask on my face.

    You can absolutely wear one on each finger - they're packaged to be worn that way but I couldn't resist using one as an accent when I realised I had such a close color in my Bought But Untried box. I'm really liking the color - it's a very wintery cold blue with maybe a drop of mint green.

    The blue in the Sephora is slightly paler and leans more true blue than blue green.

  3. I'm happy you were happy. :)

    Oh and Sasha, you MUST put a note somewhere or even do a blog for those who don't know, about how your hair is that magnificent colour that never ever fades. It's soooo pretty.

    I like your accent too.

  4. TY! Henna, gotta love it.
    Well, it's henna that I had lifted as it had become too dark at the ends and toned. But, as money is tight, I'm going to go back to straight up henna and just keep up with the roots. Also, I occasionally use Aveda's Madder Root color boost conditioner. The Aveda stuff is really more glaze than conditioner; I always have to follow it up with a more moisturising product.

    Keep in mind that my hair is naturally quite fair. Naturally, I'm about a level 7 dishwatery strawberry blonde.

  5. I just realised I can't edit my own comment. Hmph.
    Sorry for not spacing that out a bit more.

    I probably will do a blog on henna at some point. Pretty sure my next one is going to be about my Homemade Fudge Face Mask for dry skin.

    I did it the other night but completely forgot to take photos. Whoops!

  6. BTW, Cardi Love, do you know there's no comment feature on your blog? I wanted to gush over the spiral sticks and couldn't. :(

  7. Oh, sorry Sasha. I have the comments off because I don't want to allow anyone who doesn't like me to troll there. I hope you understand.

    Your hair is glorious Sasha. Makes me want to henna again, but mine just got too dark.

  8. I'm really happy you like the spiral sticks though. :D I think they're fantastic and a good investment.

  9. I'll have to pick some up when my hair is long enough for sticks again. Right now it's still escaping forks and spin pins.